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Saint Patrick's Day Theme Dances
"St. Patrick's Jig"
"Irish Maid"
"Four Leaf Clover"
"Saint Patrick's Day"
"Irish Rover"
"The Glens of Antrim"
"Shamrock Girl"
"Romance in Ireland"

St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day or the wearin' of the green any day with a Scottish tartan nod to your Celtic brethren.  Get your kilt on!  Get your Celt on!  

Scroll down for the seasonal collection, and for more details about the tartans and their inspiration, click any picture to visit these individual entries on the Curious and Unusual Tartans website, where the tartans are arranged within the calendar year.

Enjoy this special selection of tartans!   

Click any picture below for more details about the tartans

 on the curious and Unusual Tartans website!  

these tartans and more all reside within the calendar year of tartans.

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