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"Valentine" (Gaul)
"Valentine" (Bell)
"Heart to Heart"
"A Valentine Wedding Knot"
"Hearts Content"
"Valentine's Strathspey" (Willitt)
"Happy Valentine"
"Lovers Knot"
"Love Spoon"
"Gibb's Valentine Party"
"Lady Valentine's Jig"
"My Cary Valentine"
"Saint Valentine's Day" (Donaldson)
"Saint Valentine's Day" (Mitchell)
"Valentine Special"
"Valentine's Strathspey" (Baker)
"The Valentine"

Valentine's Day

In medieval times, if you wanted to demonstrate your love, you did so by presenting the recipient of your affection with a Luckenbooth brooch.  This silver brooch consisted of entwined hearts with a crown on top.


The name is derived from the Luckenbooth or "Locking Booths" – small shops that were a regular feature on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.


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